Can Casual Wear for Men Include a T-Shirt & Jeans? : Men’s Fashion & Modern Style

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25 Responses to Can Casual Wear for Men Include a T-Shirt & Jeans? : Men’s Fashion & Modern Style

  1. Signore Betancourt says:

    Hell no!!!! Jeans are fine, but a t-shirt is too casual and should only be
    worn either to exercise or as loungewear at home. Wear a polo, a sport
    shirt, or something else, but not a t-shirt.

  2. 11Elevon says:

    model looks like a douche

  3. Andy Darnell says:

    Freaking THANK YOU for making this video, these are exactly the answers I
    was hoping to find.

  4. Diego monico says:

    What song is played at the end ?

  5. fragahenriquez says:

    The leather jacket is mmm a bit oversized that’s all

  6. Preston Nguyen says:

    is his T shirt tucked in?

  7. ModestJoe says:

    I wear a White T-shirt with jeans and boots, 1 a week and it gets me more
    complements then when im wearing button ups or khakis. Chicks love it.

  8. CosmicJellyfish says:

    Lmao the model is just puffing his chest out way too much… his pose looks
    awkward. Wants to be a tough guy. Hahahaha

  9. Crysus Bu says:

    There is nothing wrong with wearing loose clothing for a casual look.


  10. Dion Aprianto says:


  11. joe kiibar says:

    I totally Agree , ( No women ever argued with guy in lather Jacket).. 

  12. Brian R says:

    I like those jeans…I wish he told us what they were.

  13. Fernando Herrera says:

    I stick with desert boots when wearing something as casual as t-shirt and
    jeans. But yea never wear baggy clothes! It just looks awful. And as for
    bigger men, really men with a big belly should just NEVER wear just
    t-shirts. It’ll never look good.

  14. TheSololobo says:

    That model is a dick.

  15. Ninix23 says:

    Fucking horrible tips. LOL he looks like shit and has man boobs!

  16. Lolzard gorilla says:

    the model is flexing so hard rofl

  17. Andy Sanchez says:

    does he even lift?

  18. John Colacion says:

    I don’t like those jeans.

  19. wally wonker says:

    Leather jacket lol ,,sooooooo GAY !!

  20. Sergio M says:

    Skinny jeans or boot cut jeans?

  21. a f says:

    What’s wrong with his face…..he better breath before he passes out

  22. midnightshadow says:

    Model needs to breathe and stop trying to look buff

  23. rubberdc says:

    how ’bout some guy with a tummy?

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