Cramer: The biggest winners & losers of retail

Cramer: The biggest winners & losers of retail
Not only is it out of fashion to the teens who shop there, it was also out of fashion on Wall Street. Not only did the company deliver terrible numbers, but management declined to provide forward same-store sales or earnings guidance. This gave Cramer …
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Looking for Cheaper Skin-Care Products? Borrow From the Men
In a 2014 article in Teen Vogue suggesting men's products for women to “steal,” Ahava Age Control All-in-One Eye Care for Men was among the recommendations. The article told young women that the product would “keep the noticeable side effects of …
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To the Strangers Who Performed CPR on My Partner
On March 31, 2014, two young men suddenly appeared in a dark alley in Pittsburgh. Their subsequent encounter with my partner, Allen, changed our lives forever. Two days earlier, I had said goodbye to Allen for what was supposed to be a three-day trip.
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