Daymond John Mentor Lesson: How to Launch a Fashion Business

Daymond John Mentor Lesson: How to Launch a Fashion Business

How to launch a fashion business with Daymond John. Enter Shopify’s Build A Business Competition » “Always start with your local store and become a local hero. That’s…

25 Responses to Daymond John Mentor Lesson: How to Launch a Fashion Business

  1. Como Cortar Cabello says:

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    need a professional store builder like this one:

  2. Mary Oshaughnessy says:

    Hello Daymond John
    I am a very big fan of yours,while i respect you for your tremendous good
    work ,i would love for you to be my mentor ,I have been in the clothing
    business for over 30 years and i must say i still need improvement,if you
    wish to get in touch with me you can email me .
    Yours Truly 

  3. Pink Kush says:

    I saw Daymond John, sitting on the floor at M.A.G.I.C. in Vegas (late
    90’s). He gave me his card. He was sincere in his effort to succeed. I had
    my dreams too, but no where near the support. I learned so much from him in
    his short sales pitch, I believe he showed me how real it can be. #Respect

  4. cordealaous banks says:

    pac from new york 

  5. Steven Doornbos says:

    Really valuable information. Thanks for sharing Mr. John.

  6. MrJamel1258 says:

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  7. Gerard Warren says:

    Great advice. Thanks Daymond John this helped me a lot.

  8. Overflow Cafe says:

    Great Video

  9. Jay WaL says:


  10. says:
  11. Lavinia Cadar says:

    I like this kind of talk when it comes to business: straight to the point,
    clear and practical

  12. jackie harrison says:

    Darius Maraca is a new clothing line that’s coming real soon I want to
    thank the shopify team and the mentors iam learning a lot from you’ll ..
    God Bless please keep feeding me the business. and you can check us out on
    face book Darius Marca clothing

  13. Manière Atelier says:

    D. John, with his clear explanation, makes the nuts of bolts of starting a
    fashion business so easy to understand. Very sound advice, but the earrings
    are distracting. I’ve seen him on the show Shark Tank many times, and it’s
    difficult to take a man seriously with two earrings, two diamond earrings,
    in his ears. It also doesn’t set a good example for younger men watching
    the show. John no longer has to work, but a young man can’t get a job (that
    would ultimately support his dreams to become an entrepreneur) wearing
    earrings. This is a bygone, tacky trend, and I really, REALLY wish
    African-American males would finally let this go. It’s an embarrassment and
    it’s unprofessional.

  14. Lisa Scott says:

    Great advice! Looking to start a doggie fashion and jewelry line. Thanks
    for the advice.

  15. QuHarrison Terry says:

    This is the truth!

  16. Terrance Williams says:
  17. Noneya Bizness says:

    Been there and he is really giving great advice..I’ve got lots of respect
    for Daymond.

  18. Tyler James says:

    2pac was not from california, he grew up on the east coast and rep’d west

  19. Jan Kobelski says:

    where can I get contacts to whole salers from the united states ?

  20. chucko71 says:

    im on this mission right now at Above All Fight Wear on face book.

  21. Shawn Afshar says:

    Good college major for this kind of work?

  22. elagentenumerouno says:

    Mr. Daymond just share more value per word, than selling Gold by ounces for
    me. Thank you for taking the time.

  23. Michael Hope says:

    does anyone know any online manufactuers 

  24. Calie Labit says:

    Thank you Daymond! 

  25. Marcovicce B says:

    so clear 

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