Fashion in clothing

Fashion in clothing

You can put in various ways, casual fun and fantasy series. What is incredibly easy, takes minimal time and best of all, cheap. You can create a feathered hair clip simple and unique or use an array of feathers to create a more dramatic.

Connect a hot glue gun. While it is heating, use scissors to cut a piece of black felt on a square of 1 / 2 by 1 / 2 inches.

Organize some peacock feathers on a cluster of attractive, difficult to gather together the ends of the piece of felt. Use one hand to hold the feathers in place and the other carefully about some hot glue over them, link feathers felt. Wait a few minutes for the glue set.

Use scissors to cut off any excess black felt that is not connected to the cluster of peacock feathers. Point some hot glue on the back of the felt and secure metal clip hair, using tweezers to hold in place so that you yourself are not recorded.

Vintage paper mache was used to make toys for children. The process for making paper mache harvest is the same as modern paper mache. Companies would paper mache toys clay molds can be reused for mass production. Manufacturers of paper mache harvest a lot of attention to achieve a polished and durable pieces. There are many times of paper mache, and each time has a different style paints and finishes. In the early twentieth century, the combinations of colors used were natural color bases with brightly colored details.

Select a toy or home decoration replicated with paper mache. Gather your supplies and cover your work area with a protective layer of newspaper.

Make your paper mache adding 1 tablespoon of flour per cup of boiling water. Shake the mixture and boil to prevent lumps. Boil the mixture until it is as thick as ordinary glue.

Tear newspaper strips 1 / 2 to 1 inch wide strips. Cut the paper under easier to apply. Cover your toy or decoration that can be replicated with Vaseline.

Dip a newspaper strip in the homemade mixture of glue. Slide the strip through your fingers to remove excess glue. All apply to a toy or decoration.

Cover the toy or object with a layer of newspaper strips. Smooth the layer with your hands to remove pockets of bubble of glue. Cover the object with a second layer of strips and soften the coat.

Allow the sculpture to dry overnight. Keep homemade glue strips of paper for the next day.

The sculpture dry cut in half with a knife. Remove the toy or object of interior decoration, and then place the two halves of the sculpture together. Tape sculpture together safely.

Apply a final layer of newspaper strips and glue. Smooth the paper and glue layer, being careful to avoid pushing too hard and put a finger through the sculpture. Allow the layer to dry completely.

The paper mache sculpture with acrylic paint. Paint the details of the sculpture. Allow the paint to dry for an hour.

A portion of lacquer paint or copper-brown hue. Apply a layer of the mixture then immediately infectious as old towel to falls and grooves are darker than the surface. Cover the sculpture with a clear coat of clear varnish.

You can see the fashion for Vintage t shirts.

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