Hair Good, Wear Good – Men’s Fashion, Clothing and Style by Daniel Alfonso

My very first “lifestyle” fashion and clothing video! In my opinion, feeling good about your style comes from within, or as I like to call it – internal swag…

25 Responses to Hair Good, Wear Good – Men’s Fashion, Clothing and Style by Daniel Alfonso

  1. Sebastian Vasquez says:

    Hahahahaha……dude no offence but ur haircut is so stupid man…I swear
    if I had a nickel every time someone tells me “hey bro you should get a
    tapper” I would be a fuckin millionaire… Peace I’m out..

  2. lavaman233 says:

    Like the boots and the shirt but my God, those drop crotch pants make you
    look 4ft tall.

  3. Myles German says:

    What’s this song called??? 

  4. DanielAlfonsotv says:

    Why in the world would you ever leave?!

  5. Goose says:

    pretty fresh actually

  6. Zac6230 says:

    Daniel Check Out Junker Designs off of LA Ransom website, Really cool
    Rocker wear

  7. Menno Meetsma says:

    how long is your hair usually on top?

  8. Dan123butters says:

    Thanks for reply. And I live in UK I use loreal elvive shampoo and
    conditioner I have medium length thick hair occasionally can tend to be dry.

  9. KidTheInk says:

    Finally, i have been waiting so long for this one! thanx daniel very nice
    video cant wait till you bring new videos 🙂 love them youre the man

  10. Disinf3ctant says:

    God that first outfit was terrible bro haha. But I guess there’s a style
    for everyone.

  11. DelBossa says:

    How long is your Hair at the Sides and on Top ? Greetz from Germany

  12. Andrea Dior says:

    Those boots are fucking epic.

  13. aaarsix says:

    like your style man 🙂 btw, where is that jacket from?

  14. DanielAlfonsotv says:


  15. twelvemonkeys12 says:

    Seriously, where could I find boots like that

  16. miche napa says:

    muy chula la ropa saludos desde españa

  17. Hakan Öztürk says:

    Great vids man keep them comin! It was about time that there was a GOOD
    channel for men’s style. But can you make some videos about hair care too?
    Would love to visit you, but cant since I live in Europe.

  18. yinyinacak16 says:

    im from singapore. do more videos please 😀

  19. darlene dominguez says:

    where is your shop at?

  20. Mike Schiewe says:

    retro city

  21. andi sonn says:

    as soon as i heard forever 21, u lost me–bye

  22. Ovidiu Istrate says:

    where did you get the boots?

  23. DanielAlfonsotv says:

    Thanks for the feedback, just what I was looking for…sounds like everyone
    wants more lifestyle videos!

  24. housemusic777 says:

    name of the song please 🙂

  25. DanielAlfonsotv says:


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