How to Dress to Flatter Your Body Type for Men : Men’s Fashion Advice

How to Dress to Flatter Your Body Type for Men : Men's Fashion Advice

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25 Responses to How to Dress to Flatter Your Body Type for Men : Men’s Fashion Advice

  1. John Doe says:

    i cant stop looking at her tits!

  2. gimmick skit says:

    i am short :'(

  3. dirkbogarde44 says:

    Where’s the obese fat American type then ?

  4. flopski says:

    Amerimorph: everything XXXXL

  5. Enrico Piova says:

    I`ll fuck you all day long!you are a MILF!

  6. Raejohectic says:

    Do u even know why the hell you’re talking about? Ectomorphs can’t change
    their genetic frame, you can make your muscles more defined and barely gain
    size on your belly by eating but they can’t change their body to make them
    more “in shape”. They can’t help that they’re thin that’s how hey are born

  7. MrRed19120 says:

    Yo she is soooo hot!!! my kind of milf lol i need help

  8. Eric Tillman says:

    I am skinny as hell, Real men wear what they want.

  9. Rens Van Casteren says:

    I am tin on the opper part of my body an i am like te second one on the
    under part of my body

  10. victor garcia says:

    She didn’t say anything, only bullshit bruh

  11. Nina Reynolds - Rose says:

    .. dress for your body type! 

  12. yesa danu says:

    and just how do you “play the upper half of your body”?? more details on
    this would be great…

  13. kmg777 says:

    I’m 6′ 3″ 175 lbs. and I have wide shoulders and back and a big booty haha.

  14. TheCrimson147 says:

    great advice, thank you!

  15. Delaney Yergerjr says:


  16. vignesh R says:

    ur cool and nice cute looking 

  17. Sarah Lennox says:

    What’s with the asshole comments? Calm your fucking hormones, assholes. Get
    your panties out of a twist.

  18. leftyla says:

    Is this really the best place they can find to shoot this clip?

  19. buffalo bison says:

    I’m a mesomorph BITCH 

  20. Nathan Anderson says:

    Then we have the xenomorph.

  21. Jr Lopez says:

    when you wear the proper attire you can wiggle wiggle

  22. Vedran Jakić says:

    Also if you are ectomorph you should wear t shirts with horizontal stripes,
    because it will make you look wider :)

  23. Ke P says:

    So what kind of jeans look good on a tall, thin guy with a small waist? You
    said no thin so skinny and straight are out ? What about bootcut?

  24. Gabriel Fernando says:

    Skip to 2:15 for our body type, you’re welcome.

  25. dsw re says:

    I am a mesomorph. Jealous

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