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  1. KingKef says:

    No offense but you look like a girl. no masculinity at all, even with a
    leather jacket. But it’s only my opinion.

  2. Cristian Nolgath says:

    love your videos and ive only watched 2 of them , really nice and good
    timing since im going to change my closet :)

  3. mory tom says:

    Really hot! Today I see More T- Shirt Fashion on sunfrogshirts, get and
    shiping free :)

  4. Dennis Hcker says:

    You seem gay, and when you’re layering it’s just getting uglier for every
    layer you’re wearing

  5. Byun Taeng says:

    Nigga if you could fucking stand still for 2 seconds it’ll be great 

  6. Ivan Elagin says:

    what an arrogant faggot, go get a job and stop putting shit on youtube

  7. Chintan Mehta says:

    Thank god you didn’t wear underwear above your jeans…. Got wat a GAY

  8. Mick Sealtoe says:

    First few looks. “Selling dope at the mall.” Last few looks “Snatching
    purses and leaving da mall.” 

  9. Kris Kessler says:

    Where did you get the grey sweater? 2:52

  10. Richard Allen says:

    So why do you all think he is gay and looks like a girl?? To be honest his
    style is HIS STYLE!! I personally like it, however I dont agree with SOME
    of his buys but I do get if you see an item and you know its hard to find
    why not spend the extra bucks to get it. Keep making the vids man. FORGET
    THE HATERS!!! Food, FASHION, and Fun.

  11. Neto Ponce says:

    Who cares,what faces he makes it his channel lol. If you don’t like then
    don’t watch. Easy as that.

  12. john cena says:

    fix your teeth faggot

  13. Shrek lover says:

    can he not fucking stand still?

  14. Xtina Buelna says:

    Loooooove your style do more videos please. 

  15. Dennis Hcker says:

    This guy seems gay

  16. Luca Fersko says:

    SORRY FOR SPAMMING! i do fashion videos on my channel, if you wana check it
    out i would be most greatful! subscribe if you enjoyed!

  17. Joseph Gonzalez says:

    Can his clothes be any smaller

  18. xxSilverEyedClaymorexx says:

    Ok, anyone saying he looks gay can fuck off. :)

  19. Unprofessional Screening says:

    Are you wearing lipstick? Not that I have anything against that but you
    probably shouldn’t wear lipstick. It’s not very masculine at all. Like…
    just no. No.

  20. Owen Williams says:

    You dress like a fucking gimp 

  21. Dreky Bry says:

    Faggot do you even lift and your hairs shit too gelled

  22. Morgan Rumford says:

    This guy is a fag

  23. Mark Almeida says:

    Thnx bro I have so many clothes but I dont know how to put them in layers

  24. Twith aJ says:

    cool video, this helps

  25. Matthew jackson says:

    This is retarded I was looking for how to stay warm in winter

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