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25 Responses to How To Wear A Tuxedo – Black Tie Style Tips – Men’s Formal Clothing Advice – Tux Fashion Help

  1. Dante Autotorri says:

    Hey Antonio! Before I ask you the question I just wanted to say I really
    appreciate these videos and your service to our country you’ve really
    helped me out a lot ,so thank you ! I have a dilemma however. I’m going to
    prom and I’m trying to find a James Bond kinda tuxedo ? I have a muscular
    build and I’m about 5″11. But I’m at a total loss on what tuxedo I should
    wear ? Any recommendations on what kind of style that would really make me
    look like James Bond would be extremely helpful! 

  2. Ravinder Singh Baddu says:

    Great vids like always. My question is : I have grown out of my tux. the
    coat fits me very well but, its the damn trousers which has no more room
    for expansion, and now the real question can I crack the coat with a white
    of off white trousers. Please let me know and let me know quick, PLEASE.

  3. dofficialchives says:

    photos of the actual attire would be helpful….

  4. Daniel Lobo says:

    Great videos. I am curious about white ties. Could you do an explanation of
    the history, present style, and advantages?

  5. Yuri Yeleyko says:

    In this video +Antonio Centeno gives more insight on #tuxedo and
    #blacktie rules.

  6. Bond St says:

    #watchitwednesday How To Wear A Tuxedo – Black Tie Style Tips

  7. Hector Sanchez says:

    can you please put up videos or photos of the actual attire..

  8. mrb14075 says:

    Just to clarify my comment 3 weeks ago i was wondering what your opinion
    was on wearing a white tie waistcoat to enhance the look of the tuxedo and
    match the pocket square to my date’s dress

  9. fatiaomao says:

    Too much talking, I can’t catch up with your talking, could you provide
    some photos or videos? So it will be more audience friendly.

  10. Real Men Real Style says:

    @hobosorter Glad they’re working for you. We figured this would be a useful
    topic for a lot of folks!

  11. Real Men Real Style says:

    @sk8amped246 It depends on the invitation — your outfit would be great at
    a “black tie optional” event (which most formal events are these days) or a
    nice party with no set dress code. But if the invitation specifically says
    “black tie” or “formalwear” you’d need the traditional tuxedo, done

  12. pocallaghan9 says:

    Thanks, I feel much more educated in this area, Although I was thinking of
    wearing a handkerchief with my tux

  13. TheLonius83 says:

    Great video!

  14. hobosorter says:

    Great video. This is a must like and favorite Video! Very Informative but
    the biggest thing about your videos are that I can understand what you are
    trying to convey in them. Bravo Antonio!

  15. tuan326 says:

    I’m going to a black tie event at my college this weekend. As a student, I
    don’t have much money, so I really want to avoid renting or buying a tux.
    Is there any way I can get away with a black suit?

  16. Real Men Real Style says:

    I think a better option would be to wear a classic black vest (or
    cummerbund) and white pocket square and use a colored boutonniere flower to
    match the date — a white vest and a white shirt with a black tuxedo jacket
    is a bit stark, and sort of makes you look like a pre-WWI footman.

  17. Real Men Real Style says:

    @duesenbergmj I should clarify — a black tailcoat would be for white tie.
    Colored tailcoats (usually dove gray or dun) are part of traditional
    “morning dress,” a formal daytime outfit.

  18. Joe Depina says:

    you look like an older Cristiano Ronaldo

  19. Keith McKee says:

    Another strong video, Antonio.

  20. NickSolo420 says:

    Do you have a vid for white tie?

  21. warriormusashi says:

    Excellent video sir, I love how you went in depth on a very important
    topic. I learned a lot!

  22. Austin Kopp says:

    Unless, of course, the wedding occurred after 6:00 pm.

  23. Carlos Mejia says:

    I´m going to a formal night event and I´m thinking on wearing a tuxedo with
    a long skiny black tie. is that possible? and if it is should I wear the

  24. Real Men Real Style says:

    Thank you for your note!

  25. bulletsformylady says:

    Can you do a video on waistcoats! SHould it always be worn with matching

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