HUGE Spring Clothing & Accessory Haul! ♡ Some Favorite Online Stores!

HUGE Spring Clothing & Accessory Haul! ♡ Some Favorite Online Stores!

I went CRAZY shopping. Do you like my hauls?! Let me know 🙂 For 20% off your first DAILYLOOK order – Dailylook things in Ord…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

So once again I’ve been Online Shopping – what a surprise! I thought I’d show the few things I picked up because I don’t think there will be another Haul thi…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to HUGE Spring Clothing & Accessory Haul! ♡ Some Favorite Online Stores!

  1. Kiera Klassen says:

    Hey Shannon, what editing software do you use? Would love to know, love
    your vids girl <3 Thanks!

  2. daatkidd claainy says:

    Your style

  3. Alexandre Diniz says:

    cut off jeans so cute bff

  4. Tiana Donnelly says:

    shannon, you look amazing in every piece of clothing you put on! not just
    in this haul, just every outfit in general! ahh

  5. Abii Marlixo1 says:

    do more try on haul videos :)

  6. BrilliantShoppin says:

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    There is a different quality from one cosmetic brands, bath&body products,
    clothing, sexy swimwear, accessories, jewelry are waiting for you!
    If you like it please follow me… Thanks!

  7. Sophie Halstead says:

    Cute wee zeus in the background poking his head through the doggy door aw

  8. Paris Chelsea says:


  9. Sloth Lover says:

    Do you not own any bras?

  10. wintercutie 04 says:

    oh god the white dress though that is cute omg

  11. Joseph Mathew says:

    Natural Products Store – Free shipping worldwide… Fresh products arrive
    daily …satisfied customers in 58 countries –

  12. Charlotte Cong says:

    i just wanna like raid ur closet cuz i dont hav cute stuff and u have like
    everything cute

  13. Jess Packer says:

    I always love your hauls! So jealous! Keep up your videos Hun love them all
    they’re amazing! Xxx

  14. Fifi Hudson says:

    hahaha “you guys can see that with your own eyes though!” ROFL so funny. i
    hate when youtubers feel the need to explain each and every detail of an
    item followed by “which i love” its like ffs you leave nothing to the
    imagination. <3 <3

  15. wintercutie 04 says:

    love the bag its so cute

  16. Jeffrey Ingram says:

    I love your looks

  17. Christine EF says:

    i LOVE long clothing hauls like this! Lookin’ beautiful as always.

  18. Ryselle Dolon says:

    Just wondering, but how do you wear a bra with strappy or low back
    jumpsuits?? :)

  19. Sabina Diana says:

    It feels so weird to hear you talking about spring while here it’s about to
    snow. Is your month called November too? This confuses me a lot

  20. mia654cooliscute says:

    keep doing hauls plsss love youuuu

  21. Breannah Morrin says:

    Awww your dog at 3.10 :’)

  22. KristiAlison101 says:

    LOVE your clothing haul videos!!!

  23. Prisca Kojock says:

    Cool clothes

  24. Jessica Lago says:

    Omg i wish i had ure body it looks amaaaaze, ure clothes are also reeeally

  25. Katerina Beauty Blog says:

    When you showed your swimsuit I immediately regretted eating all that
    chocolate today :(

  26. Caitlan Reyne says:

    Oh my gosh i loved your hair in this video hun , would you be able to do a
    tutorial on it maybe? Also not meaning to sound like a freak but you have
    the best body , how do you keep so fit? 🙂 and oh my gosh SHOWPO is my new
    obsession xxxx 

  27. Isabel Estrada says:

    Please do a hair tutorial !!!
    I really loved your braid <3 <3 <3

  28. Kate Nutting says:

    Your hair + make up is just 1448585/10 omg

  29. Crystal Conte says:

    Wow the last set was just Gorg!! I can’t wait to see how you style it!

  30. sab nic says:

    Your videos keep getting better and better!!! I love all the items you
    bought!! :)

  31. Internal Chic says:

    I love the setup of this video, those fairy lights are beautiful!

  32. StealTheSpotlight says:

    Here’s a few things I picked up in the last week – hope you enjoy! ♡

  33. MichBeauty27 says:

    Girl! Your body is to die for!!

  34. beautybyKL says:

    love the milkmaid braid on you! 🙂 and omg i must check out the hidden sock
    club – my sock collection is lacking at the moment – lol when i bought my
    OF socks from culture kings my wallet literally cried – still can’t believe
    i paid $20 for a pair of socks…. 

  35. Isabella Gibaldi says:

    those white sandals are amazing!! and btw your hair and makeup look
    gorgeous in this video!

  36. invisiblekatie says:

    I love playsuits atm too!! Although I still have to wear jackets with them
    here haha :/ loved everything you got Katie!! Soooo excited to see you next
    week! (If that still suits you) 🙂 xxx

  37. giucolia says:

    Yes, I do live un the northern hemosphere and it’s kind of depressing right
    now.. but don’t worry I live in Switzerland and even when we have summer it
    isn’t that summery :”) loved everything you hauled btw!:))

  38. // heartcindy // - diy fashion beauty says:

    love this ^^ you are sooo beautiful ^^

  39. Asma says:

    Yayayayay for your future Christmas videoooos !! ❤️ How is it to celebrate
    Christmas when it’s 100 degrees outside ? Like, it’s not so festive is it ?

  40. Serafina ♡ says:

    The playsuit at the end is absolutely gorgeous.

  41. AbsolutleyAsh says:

    your hair is so cute, love the haul!

  42. emeraldbeauty15 says:

    Dayum gurl that swimsuit is bomb! Also from a big time sock collector those
    socks you picked up are awesome, I’m jealous xxx

  43. MsBlueangel1989 says:

    Hair tutorial please I can never do that hairstyle!! Also love all the
    stuff you got, who can resist bargains and playsuits 😉 Head down to kmart
    they have socks with cats on them and one with cupcakes and there $2 a

  44. Siobhan Hughes says:

    Loved the navy floral dress!! ♡ so excited for Christmas videos! I just
    went and bought my annual Christmas themed PJs and socks haha

  45. Bree Andersen says:

    You’re just great! But the two piece dress at the end its to die for!! love
    love xx

  46. aturnasal says:

    My aussie fashion hero!

  47. Tiffany K says:

    Katie, your hauls are my life srsly!! 

  48. Grace Webster says:

    you should go on big brother! HAHAH you would be amazing!

  49. Sarah em says:

    You are so gorgeous- your eyebrows are on point !
    That swimsuit looked incredible!!!!!- You honestly have the most amazing
    figure I have EVER seen.
    Can I also thankyou for your effort to list everything and the website in
    the description- its so helpful !!!

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