Mens Fashion In The Media Spotlight

Mens Fashion In The Media Spotlight
Your fifteen minutes of fame have arrived and you need to dress for a media event where cameras will be flashing as you stroll in on the red carpet. What do you wear? One of the unfair things about A-list stars is that they borrow their clothes for such events. They do not have to pay for them. Why? Because designers know that if an A-list star wears their clothes in front of the cameras with a zillion eyes watching them, it furthers the popularity of their fashion line.

The next day after a big event all the media talks about is who was wearing what, what was hot as well as what was a fashion disaster. But let’s say you have not made it to the A-list, in fact you media event is the only local dog show and Kathy Griffin who is on the D-list turned down the offer to be the host. Nevertheless you know that the media will be there, albeit only the local cable station who is covering it live, but you are the presenter (thanks to Kathy Griffin for your big break). You are the MC, the master of ceremonies, the event host, the show host, all wrapped in one.

Pull that Hollywood glimmer out of your eye and let’s get serious about what you need to wear. If you live in Hoohum, Idaho it is probably not the bastion of good fashion sense and there may not be anywhere to buy anything locally. You can always rent a tuxedo, but dog show presenters don’t usually wear a tuxedo, they wear a suit, so you need to get a nice one. Travel to the big city to get it or if you have time order it over the Internet (which is a bit risky if it doesn’t fit correctly, because you will also have to have it tailored).

Also if you have the time before the event date (about three weeks) and if you can get someone to measure you properly, you can order a custom suit that will fit you perfectly from Hong Kong and they are quite reasonably priced. If you are going to buy one in person, think Italian. Any men’s designer name that ends in the letter “i” is a good choice.

It may set you back a pretty penny, but after all this is your one moment in the sun, the day of your birthing to potential stardom, so you don’t want to blow it. Let’s face it, European fashion for men is simply more elegant than US fashion, especially in suits.

If anyone happens to ask you what you are wearing you can proudly say you got your suit on the “continent” which is a fancy old word for Europe and put your nose slightly up in the air like a bit of a snob for the full effect.

Get a silk shirt to go with your Italian designer suit, a brand new complimentary silk tie, highly polished dress shoes, and a new close cut haircut. Then act completely casual and calm when you are so finely dressed and talk to the camera like you are talking to a friend.

Hendrik is passionate about dressing well. He understands what it means to dress for success and he is also a fashion consultant in San Francisco. He also founded a site teaching men how to tie a tie and how to tie a bow tie:

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