ONLINE CLOTHING & FASHION HAUL: NewFrog, RoseWholeSale, DressLink


Online clothing & fashion haul featuring rosewholesale, dresslink, and newfrog. This is my first time trying asian wholesale clothing websites! THUMBS UP for…
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31 Responses to ONLINE CLOTHING & FASHION HAUL: NewFrog, RoseWholeSale, DressLink

  1. Stacey Vo says:

    Hey we have really similar style!!! I just started youtube and I did a
    similar CHEAP CLOTHING HAUL! I would really appreciate it if you guys could
    check it out? ❤️

  2. Madisradd says:

    I just made an order on RoseWholesale too! 

  3. Kara Nicole says:

    Hahah “… What else do you say in a haul?”

  4. petitepearstyle says:

    loved seeing this pop up in my subscription box because i just recorded my
    dresslink haul video today!! 🙂 i’ve never heard of newfrog or
    rosewholesale… will need to check them out. great haul – i really like
    the lace top and the one with the “leather” sleeves. x

  5. Tracy Timberlake says:

    Oooh I like all of your picks. The leather sleeve one is kinda BA! I love
    it!!!! And the striped one with the pop of color is super cute too. Do they
    have those in other colors??? Gonna head over and see! Lol

  6. adri. says:

    Shtuff..haha i think you were gonna say shit.

  7. Jazmin Giroux says:

    where do you buy the balm in Canada? PLEASE ANSWER MUST KNOW

  8. Ali Neil says:

    OMG that shirt is amazing. It doesn’t look too small on you so don’t worry
    about it, it looks so good!
    PS I remember you talking about rexall a lot and that’s where you got your
    Mary Lou manizer, so I went to the nice new one near me… OMG love their
    makeup section, how did I not know this? Going to wait for The Balm to go
    on sale. And they have a big NYX section WAY better than Targets.
    So yeah anyways thanks for that, it’s a hard life finding products up here
    in the north sometimes :)

  9. Lacie Larson says:

    I will have to check out these websites. You got some way cute things!!

  10. Jodi Elizabeth says:

    lol i love that fuzzy sweater!!!! i was obsessed with them this winter, i
    love finding out about new online sites to shop from although lord knows i
    dont need more clothes lol great video :)

  11. Alexa W says:

    Your lipstick is gorgeous 🙂 I also have a fashion/beauty haul up from my
    birthday if you wanted to take a look x

  12. FlawedWerka says:

    I love your hair so much and that lipstick looks perfect on you <33

  13. Hannah Kathleen says:

    The bear ring is absolutely adorable, I have to get it! Btw u have great
    taste ;)

  14. Bela Pikachu says:

    I love your style<3

  15. TutusandPearls says:

    love everything! especially those oxfords…so cute :)

  16. bernle says:

    ‘it’s cute. what else do i say in a haul’ ahahaha love you 

  17. sinkingsailors x says:

    i love your lipstick!!

  18. Rachel Henton says:

    I’m in love with dresslink. I buy most of my clothing from that site. All
    about cheap. 

  19. Sofia Petrou says:

    How comes you didn’t show all the clothes on you? Just some of them cute
    clothes though 

  20. AleLovesYouu01 says:

    Do they only carry that pho leather carpet shirt in one size? 

  21. missRageenaxo says:

    Love everything you got! Great video! 

  22. LittleMissCrista says:

    Cute haul, so many pretty things! :)

  23. Micah McCasland says:

    Your hair looks soo good!!

  24. Kcbmfb says:

    Love the clothes!!! And I don’t think the shirt with the leather sleeves
    looks too tight it fits perfect !! And I think the comfy sweater looks
    great too!! I get what your saying like how it could be slouchy on a very
    very thin twig like person but your skinny and it looks cozy and flattering

  25. catherinemay27 says:

    Love your lip colour here! So pretty. 

  26. Matilda Ezno says:

    You sound exactly like Wengie! She is a beauty guru here on the tube!

  27. Genessa Jackson says:

    Thank you for you help you made me push my online store just that little
    bit harder

  28. Paquita El Maestro says:

    Hi, I love your video. I find it very educative. I am in the process of
    starting my online boutique and I am having trouble finding wholesalers who
    are selling trendy clothes of good quality. The store that already exist
    that sell the kind of clothes that I would like to sell are not gonna tell
    me their sources. I tried googling what I was looking for, but yet it
    hasn’t been very successful. I was told not to buy an wholesalers list.
    Please tell me how do I find wholesalers?

  29. Sally Lee says:

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  30. Arts-Entertainment says:
  31. vaishali sharma says:

    to avail the online fashion clothings u can visit

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