PinkOwl 2015 Spring Fashion – Wholesale Women’s Clothing For Boutiques Shop | Tel. 213.747.0024

PinkOwl 2015 Spring Fashion - Wholesale Women's Clothing For Boutiques Shop | Tel. 213.747.0024

Fashion changes daily and so do we. Biggest selections of prints. Stunning styles every season. Contemporary women clothing manufacturer and wholesaler. Customer’s Satisfaction is Our Business…
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Fashion fades, style remains Music: “#ImJustSayin..” by Hpnotic718 Credits: LIPSTICK Red lipstick Croisy / Compilation of…

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  1. Pinkowl Apparel says:

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  2. Pinkowl Apparel says:
  3. Hive Atlas says:

    I stopped shaving, completely. Oh, I’m a chick. To my surprise, not shaving
    is pretty not that crazy. Most people don’t even believe that I don’t
    shave, and feel my legs, and still don’t believe me. But then I lift up my
    arm so they can see my armpits for proof. But yeah, not shaving isn’t a big
    deal. And I don’t think it should be a big deal. I wish more people knew
    that so more people could just not shave if they felt like it.

  4. Pandu Ekoyudho says:

    Does that mean that high heels can be used by men too?! Aha 

  5. RoCkbunny769 says:

    And here I thought majority of the women who follow these routines were
    just free thinking beings, doing what they liked. Who knew that these
    routines were for the attraction of men, sorry lesbians!! *My comment is
    aimed at the ignorance towards the comment section, not the video which was

  6. AngieD1993 says:

    Ya know, half of the comments section is people arguing about body hair.
    When I was little, I thought razors were only for guy’s beards, and when I
    started growing underarm hair I shaved it secretly. Same for the rest of
    it. It always bothered me. I found out that it was normal to do that muuuch
    later. Actually thought it was weird of me to not want hair. So no, it
    isn’t always for guys.

    As for guys with hair. Any guy who shaves his pits is instantly 10x more
    attractive to me. I’m short, every hug from an average sized guy leaves me
    with a face full of pit. If there’s hair poking me during the hug, I don’t
    wanna hug you xD

  7. RockOn1m1 :) says:

    Since when did 00:46 go out of fashion? Am I doing something wrong? 

  8. jhhwild says:

    Honestly I don’t like the way high-heels look.

  9. Penguixia says:

    Oh mai gawd…
    Dere’s bubz!

  10. June Beauregard says:

    In Arizona I wear them all summer because even wearing shorts & a tank top
    makes me sweat insanely in 110-118 degree weather.

  11. the subject of stars says:

    lol if a woman not shaving is nasty, a guy not shaving is nasty too.
    if you’re making the argument that “it’s unsanitary!” for a woman to have
    body hair, men, look at yourself. how do you think /we/ feel about /your/
    body hair?
    and i literally just saw a dude say that the only men who shave are
    bodybuilders or gay.

    looks like i’d rather date a gay guy then lmao. peace

  12. Aya Obaid says:

    my mom doesn’t let me wear bikinis because of religous reasons, and because
    it’s too revealing :-(

  13. Sabrina L. says:


  14. Aisha Sheikh says:

    I don’t care for bikinis. I like leaving some things to the imagination.
    Well, I am sure people wouldn’t want to see me in a bikini anyways.
    Anyways, what I dislike is that everyone wears bikinis nowadays and its so
    hard to find a one piece swimsuits. Even if there are one piece swimsuits,
    it practically looks like a two piece swimsuit. And even if I find an
    actual one piece swimsuit, its usually boring and plain looking. 

  15. e walt says:

    Women do all these things to impress each other, men are secondary.

  16. KrizzerV says:

    1:54 on wards, so sexy!!!!!!! But the music is creepy.

  17. gas mac says:

    Well believe it or not; body hair and especially pubic hair, is actually
    used by the body as a lubricant. For our females, it is also a sort of
    layer protection for the plumbing style they selected while in fetus mode.
    As men; it should be an obligation (if it were possible), to spend a
    minimum of six months as a woman. I feel we would appreciate returning
    back to a male. It would seem to be much more expensive and inconvenient
    just for the basic day to day living. My hat is off to you ladies. 

  18. TanoSithLord says:

    >Heels Invented for men
    >Stolen and worn now by women
    ;-; Why do I get judged then, for wearing them? Or any type of “female”
    clothing? *is guy… mtf trans…thing* 

  19. Alexandria Walker says:

    Seeing a bunch of comments like “This is why women get raped. Because they
    feel the need to show off skin.” First of all, girls can wear what they
    want. They can wear a full, floor-length, princess gown or a crop top and
    booty-shorts in public; that still doesn’t mean they’re asking for it. If a
    guy rapes a woman because she’s dressed provocatively, it’s not her fault.
    Women should be aloud to wear what they want to wear without getting sexist
    comments and misogynistic insults. They don’t dress to impress guys. Most
    of the time, they dress for themselves. 

  20. the pyromaniac aardvark says:

    as a short male, i find high heels as an insult to my height

  21. CoolfunkDJ (NotFromAtlantis) says:

    For guys who actually want to know, im gonna talk about some basic
    sociology shit

    Women wear bikini’s because its a sign of growing up and its quite mature
    to show off your body, thats why teens wear them, it came into fashion and
    they want to be like everyone else who looks mature

  22. florin says:

    I hate this brainwashing society! Women don`t need high heels, lipsticks,
    makeup or other shit to look good! I love a girl in tennis shoes, for
    example, or her harry pussy :)

  23. Serpentaria says:


  24. MoonLiteWolfPro says:

    Full pieces are coming back though, maybe bikini’s will lose popularity

  25. heatshock9000 says:


  26. Felix B. says:

    Hey Guys I know why Men don’t understand Woman. Men don’t understand Woman
    and they like them. Woman do understand other Woman and they don’t like
    each other (unless they’re friends). If Men would understand Woman they
    wouldn’t like them either so Humanity would die out. And Basically if a Man
    understands Womans he doesn’t like them and that’s why he becomes Gay. He
    starts being more Woman than Men to attract other Men. A Woman that doesn’t
    understand Woman becomes a Lesbian because she likes them.

  27. UltraDaniel HD says:

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