Regiment Clothing for Women

Regiment Clothing for Women

Since the 17th century, regiment clothing has been the standardized uniform of military men up until the present. However, as years go by, fashion has found its way to infiltrate the rigid military fashion sense and has transformed the regimental, uptight look into a more comfortable, versatile, and glamorized appeal.

Regimental Clothing: Not as Rigid as Before

By definition, regiment basically means rigid, out of date, and strict. This gives us the notion that military clothing is unfashionable, plain, and inflexible. However, modern fashion has helped regimental clothing to expand its horizons, making it more available to civilians, both men and women alike.

The typical regimental clothing comes in dark camouflage colors such as black and olive green. However, regimental clothing should not be always dark, black, or green. Lighter colors such as khaki, blue, red, and even pink can also be color options for regimental clothing.

Regimental Clothing for Women

Regimental clothing is not exclusively for men. Fashion has legitimately allowed women to cross-dress, without violating the norm that women should be classy and perpetually feminine. With regimental clothing, women can both look feminine and masculine at the same time. Women can opt for dark-colored regiment clothing, but the non-traditional light colors can also be great choices for a fashionable wardrobe.

 Women can also add their own customization with regiment clothing. They can add embroidery work, badges, and other custom designs such as a pencil skirt, sleeveless upper wardrobes, slim fit t-shirts, and rhinestone-decorated caps and camouflage bags.

Women can also opt for other variations of the usual regimental clothing apparels. Combat boots are already considered fashionable, and some may be tailored to have feminine touches such as combat boots with a stiletto fit, or with a shinier finish for the leather used.Regimental clothing for women also includes bags. Messenger bags with a camouflage pattern are great fashionable choices for women, as well as leather bags with bullion wired embroidery work that will create a classier look.

Regimental Clothing for Women: If You Can’t Buy It, Create It!

Most online shops sell military clothing and accessories that are mainly for men. However, women can use their imagination, creativity and resourcefulness to create their own regimental clothing. You can choose to utilize old military clothes from people you know, and have it tailored to fit your own body type. For example, an old military jacket can be refitted to have a slimmer fit, cropped sleeves, and you can change the buttons with shinier, more fashionable ones.Regimental clothing can be for everyone if you just know where to find it, and how to use your own resources to create your custom military look.

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