SUMMER 2014 Fashion Trends: What’s In & What’s Out! | imthaaatgirl07 ♡

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26 Responses to SUMMER 2014 Fashion Trends: What’s In & What’s Out! | imthaaatgirl07 ♡

  1. Jessica Lanie says:

    You’re totally right about patterned pants! I work at h&m and we have tons
    of them and so are the ruffle crop tops that you showed! :)

  2. blake131988 says:

    this stuff is not out….

  3. Magicalxx says:

    I like high wasted shorts and crop tops ! 

  4. Amber Hollins says:

    Everything she said wouldn’t be in was….. In?

  5. Chels Rex says:

    You’re out if high school and you’re still worried about whats ‘cool’ and
    what’s not? :/ 

  6. Madalyn Grace says:

    I absolutely love you to death, but crop tops are like a staple piece and i
    feel like everyone should have some 

  7. hodan hasan says:

    i liked before i saw the video hahah! i love you madison <3

  8. Kayla Deuschle says:

    My god you’re annoying. It was hard to keep up because you spoke WAY to

  9. Emma Fairchild says:

    Hopefully one day you’ll realize that trends and being “cool” aren’t
    everything. It’s kind of pathetic how people just dress strictly based on
    what is “in” and what everyone else is wearing. Originality is dead.

  10. KaylaMickey says:


  11. Lozron Kittipher says:

    Crop tops and high wasted shorts are my major trend- that and high wasted
    jeans and BIG jumpers (cuz like it’s autumn now). Some things I get, but
    others I don’t.

  12. Sarah Lynn says:

    Chevron actually started going out at the end of last summer… That trend
    already came and went. 

  13. Mikayla M says:

    That flowly shirt you showed practically was a crop top just a flowing
    version like crop tops are not dead.. Just yet 

  14. Julio Frias says:

    you so on point!

  15. Kathryn Hamm says:

    I love the high low dresses

  16. Caitlyn Page says:

    isnt the flower shirt a crop top?

  17. shannon delphey says:

    I live in Wisconsin (whoop hah no

  18. Jenni Steffen says:


  19. gabi amanda says:

    omg that necklace that you were wearing is perf!!! <3

  20. Tina Ghodsi says:

    Love ur necklace ❤️

  21. violet Taira says:

    U say u Don’t like crop tops but one of your substitutes is a crop top but
    just a different shape to it 

  22. Marissa Edwards says:

    I agree with you 100%! I though I was the only person

  23. Miriam Hellberg says:

    Crop tops are not out…

  24. makeuplover123 says:

    You go girl

  25. Georgina Burrows says:

    Um i go to West Virginia University and like everyone went out the first
    night wearing a crop top and high waisted shorts lol

  26. Beauty Within~ Teen Esteem® says:

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