Summer Clothing Trends for Little Girls

Summer Clothing Trends for Little Girls

It’s summer time! And because you want your girl to look her best, it’s also time to change the clothes in her wardrobe to match the season. There’s a huge range of clothing that you can choose from. The clothing industry has long recognised the importance of little girls being dressed fashionably. As a result, top fashion designers have made sure that they create extensive collections for each season.

It’s highly important to be up-to-date with the trends. Should you go for flower dresses? Opt for girls pants and girls shorts as basics? You want only want the best for your little one. Knowing how to dress her this season will definitely send her to the top of the class.

The summer trends for little girls showcase unique, bright, interesting, whimsical, ingenious and retro fashions. Here are a few tips that will guide you:

• Whimsical designs. These are seen in silk dresses and flowing cotton voile and the prominence of girly embellishments and ruffle layers. The 60s era will be apparent in skirts and dresses. There will also be a reawakening of boat neck and puffy dresses with big bows tied at the back. Flapper dresses are back with their tiers of ruffles.

• Peace loving tops and shirts. Tees with peace signs are in. Patchwork designs in ruffled peasant skirts, matching baby doll tops and dresses are also hot styles for girls.

• Gorgeous dresses. The A-line dress with empire waist and flowing soft fabrics is one of the statements this season. Flapper dresses made of silk fabric make it fun for little girls who love to dance.

• Bloomer girls shorts. Summer offers a lot of choices with these kind of shorts – basic bloomers, patterned bloomers (stripes and flowers), casual bloomers (with elastic waistband) and bloomer rompers (romper style).

• It’s the 70s for the girl’s pants. Bell Bottom and wide legs pants are being sold like hot pancakes in stores worldwide.

Other things to look out for are the following: prints and patters with inspired geometric and floral designs, summer colours – blues, lilacs and soft pinks, polka dots, belted shift dresses, ruffles and tweeds.

Everyone including your own little girl is encouraged to stand up for herself and be original by developing her own fashion style. Bearing this mind, before you go shopping ask your daughter’s preferences and consider them. It would be much better if you bring her along with you so she can show you her choice of girls’ pants and girls’ shorts.

For all your shopping and gift needs, shop online. Most of your favourite Australian and international brands and retailers now have online boutiques for you to browse and buy girls’ pants and clothing with just a few easy clicks.

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