VLOG| How To Start A Clothing Line

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This is a clip from my full online training course: http://bit.ly/fashionstartup This video explains the first 2 steps to starting a clothing or accessories …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. RAVEN ELYSE says:

    These are just some easy tips on how to start your own small online
    business. This advice may not apply to everyone. Always do your own
    research guys.

  2. Como Cortar Cabello says:

    I think the best online store builder, from design to payment system is

  3. Taeshawn Threatt says:

    If I draw out and graphically design my clothes in a sketchbook can I find
    someone to create them???

  4. demitri9871 says:

    Very useful. But I’m stuck at step 1, how do I make the clothes?

  5. Larry Chen says:

    I’m launching a line soon. A lot of what you said was useful
    But what you said about “Chinese ppl that resell things” was wrong in the
    slight racial slur and in general. Wholesale doesn’t come from China, it’s
    a practiced thing. You find an indie store, buy about 150 items maybe.
    Wholesale/retail is at a cheaper price point because you buy bulk, and the
    printers don’t need to add special fees etc. So basically, you are usually
    still going to sell it for the same price as online.
    Not hate, just putting that out there.

  6. Branyo Romero says:

    Really really really cool I really need someone like you as a partnership
    in my movement /brand called Talented ones I have dope ideas an lot more
    question for a great deal also I just love clothes just so habit immature
    hustler an I also no how to make money but most of all I have a passion for
    fashion lol wen you said that I got goosebumps cause wen I talk but my
    brand I always say that pleases give me a call or text everything happen
    for a reason my name is Richard 13479285747

  7. Bri Moody says:

    well 1st of all how can you-legally and morally go around and make a
    product w/ another logo like chanel on you when you are giving business
    advises especially???

  8. Kwame Dukes says:

    she’s stunning. great tips by the way

  9. Sandy Griffin says:

    Yes..I agree…everyone wants to open up a store as soon as you tell them I
    have a store…and they have no patience or real passion for fashion….or
    they just want to do what someone else is doing….! Some other sites to
    sell are Poshmark…and Threadflip….thanks so much for this awsome
    video…great information and tips…You are so Pretty…..Sandy :)

  10. Kasandra Pascal says:

    Anyone know where I can find wholesaler that has a good quality clothes. I
    can’t make anything but I do want to make the style different 

  11. Grace Ng says:

    also i have some ideas to start my own line but i have an issue with using
    copyright images, how can i use these images without facing a lawsuit of
    copyright infringement or paying ridiculous fees.. help! 

  12. jamal allen says:

    you remind me of timashe, lazy comparison lol thanks for the info im
    interested in designing clothes

  13. Aglover199 says:

    Im 11 i have tones of fabric ribbons and so on and i also have a sewing
    machine i love to sew and make clothes for my dolls and when im older i
    want to become a fashion designer any tips

  14. Alicia Baez says:

    I want to start my own line but I can’t draw. I think I can be very
    creative though. Also, I wanted to start an online boutique and did have
    thought of reselling just because I wanted to start right away and I can’t
    even draw so didn’t think it was possible for me to become a designer..
    HOWEVER, I do have a passion for fashion. I graduated with a fashion degree
    and work in the industry.. in e-commerce… just not as a designer. I agree
    with what you said on the china products…and have been doing a lot of
    research trying to find unique items to sell.. but it’s hard to find them I
    think. Any advise on this?

  15. Ariana Mariscal says:

    the first thing i see on your website is a red lace bralette. I’m already
    in love!! <3

  16. foreverlikeme says:

    hi what is the best method for shipping? I mean thats cost friendly for you
    and the costumers?

  17. Grace Ng says:

    YES! finally ts mentioned. especially those “waterfall kim kardashian
    inspired” jackets. £15 ebay but £60 elsewhere 

  18. Donovan * says:

    Im 14 and just started with fashion like a month ago im doing simple
    stuff at the moment like just drawing and making creative clothes. My mom
    was telling me that if I wanted to be a successful fashion designer I
    would have to have connections and people that are experienced to help me
    so I can know what im doing. Can you give me any advice on anything? Or Can
    you be one of my first supporters or person to help me get up there? I
    didn’t wanna email cause its only for business xD (no negative comments

  19. Peter Strong says:

    The best way VLOG| How To Start A Clothing Line

  20. Tiadi Bee says:

    What about returning items if the customer doesn’t like the fit?

  21. Sarah Atom says:

    Good advice. I wish etsy would crack down on people who sell
    cheap wholesale items as handmade. It really takes away from true
    designers. But as the blog “regretsy” made very clear, they just don’t

  22. Denyce @MyLuxury1st says:

    Exactly! at Resellers and Copycats! I like original and handmade items.

  23. DidYouJustSeeThat1 says:

    Hey there just wondering if u can help me with something! I need to find
    sites where I can order plain shirts, hats, hoodies etc! Also do u know how
    I would get my logo put on it?:)

  24. Ty Nicole says:

    Do you have any recommendations for people that can create the items after
    drawn out 

  25. Amanda Destinie says:

    this video is so important everything that was said was so needed 

  26. directioner styels says:

    I’ve seen project runway,it’s not easy finding materials to design,trying
    to impress the judges for them to like your design,so much work 

  27. Ashleyruth Eckels says:

    +Rashida Ford yes ma’am its very possible!!! 

  28. JulesVlogs says:

    Be louder

  29. shari emami says:

    This women should NOT be in the fashion business just saying

  30. Riley Shook says:

    can u explain the steps im just a kid and me another kid and 2 adults r
    starting a buissness so plz explain thx.

  31. Tracy Carson says:

    This is a great video.

  32. devon harrison says:

    help a young man with his dream to own his own clothing line

  33. candace tannis says:

    Thank you for this video, I really learned a lot in the first two steps. It
    helped me really think this idea of starting my own business.

  34. yin taichi says:

    Thanks Jane ! Enthusiasm makes the difference ! I’m a 58 year old male
    ( jewelry)
    designer who was a street artist in S,F, in the 70’s. Now I’m back with my
    design yet !! ( Earrings )

  35. Crystal King says:

    You said the fashion business is hard but what business isn’t hard to keep

  36. 313pookie313 says:

    Love your site…thank you so much for all your help! 

  37. Sher Cordon says:

    Thank you so much for this video!

  38. Darko Popovski says:

    Do you make money all the time though? The only strategy my friends managed
    to earn money online with was by studying Crib Cash Generator. It’s simple
    to study, run, and make money with it. Google it to discover what I’m
    talking about.

  39. Rashida Ford says:

    Is it possible to do this without going to college?!?

  40. Brittney LeighAnn says:

    You are so Fabulous! I am very inspired, and feel a little more confident!
    Thank you so much! Did you have a clothing line too?

  41. Fashion Brain Academy says:

    Hi! I went to F.I.T and have a BFA in fashion design. I learned a lot about
    the nuts and bolts of designing a line and great technical skills (pattern
    making and draping, etc.). I didn’t learn about starting or running a
    design business at all! That’s why I help others do it with my consulting
    now. The vast majority of my clients have no background in fashion design –
    just a good idea and a will to succeed! Thanks for your question! My full
    story is on the site, link is in video description.

  42. 444shae444 says:

    That’s my issue as well…I want to design and sell infant clothing but
    where can I find the basic things I will need since I don’t sew. I just
    want to design but add my own brand/stamp

  43. Sneakerheadb says:

    Hi i have a question, If i want to make like Mens T-shirts where can i
    order them at to get made?

  44. Creekboyz247 says:

    Hi, Whats up? I loved your video! It was very informal, I appreciate you
    giving me theses three steps. So I was wondering since I am 22, really want
    to start a line early, I am getting out of community college in next
    summer. So I could go to VCU for fashion Marketing, or maybe think about,
    FIT?( Pros/Cons/ How long did you go? Expensive?) Or possibly Parsons or an
    Art Instuite. Id loved some feed back, thanks!-Dan

  45. Nettaniah Sanchezenik says:


  46. Barbara j says:

    Thanks for the insight, question please. In your option are TRADE SHOWS
    mandatory for show casing your garments?

  47. Javier Garcia says:

    OMG I love you!, can’t wait to play the next video

  48. TornAPartPaperHeart says:

    QUESTION! I’m just curious, did you go to fashion school or were you
    self-taught before u started your bizz?

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