Winter Trends 2015: Fashion & Makeup | Rachel Clark

Winter Trends 2015: Fashion & Makeup | Rachel Clark

WATCH IN HD! CLICK SHOW MORE FOR MORE INFORMATION:) ————————————– Hey girls! In this video I will be showing you my favorite trends for the 2014/2015 winter! I…
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2013 prom is over while homecoming is coming! Like prom dresses, the choice of homecoming dress is also important. Sometimes u wanna this one while you might change your mind at the last minute …

27 Responses to Winter Trends 2015: Fashion & Makeup | Rachel Clark

  1. xoLaurieox says:

    Love this video! Love your fashion! Would love to get to know you better
    and do a collab in the future (: 

  2. Aianna Khuu says:

    I love the leather and oversized sweater trends! :)

  3. AbsolutleyAsh says:

    loved this video, everything was so cute!

  4. makeupbykelsey says:

    loved this video and your editing is on point!! 

  5. Haylee Martinez says:

    I’m kind of obsessed with your hat and this video is pretty cool! 

  6. Thomas Street Studios says:

    Great stuff Rachel keep it up! Hello from the UK!

  7. Malavika Anupraj says:

    Your videos are amaaaazing!

  8. Mollerful Molly says:

    Love the Topshop boots. Thank you for updating the new trends with us. Your
    video is awesome and you are really pretty! I subbed to see more. :D

  9. Pastelstyler says:


  10. Liliana Forbes says:

    I’m so happy about this video bc I’ve barely seen any of these videos in my
    subscription box! Love it

  11. baileytube15 says:

    Hey girl, just saw your video! Love them

  12. Shop Boutikey says:

    Love this…thanks for putting it together! We sell a lot of these trends
    on our site- a mobile and web marketplace for edgy apparel from top fashion
    boutiques and emerging designers. Would love to do a collab with you!

  13. Life In My Eyes says:

    Just Wondering how do you get a video on another video and what editor do u
    use ? X

  14. Jordan Bauth says:

    this is such a creative video! love your style! :)

  15. angellinalovesbeauty1 says:

    I love the outfit your wearing in this video!

  16. vicki pavletic says:

    love your style

  17. Cindy Ramirez says:

    Great video, just subscribed!!!

  18. Rachel Clark says:
  19. banu yaseen says:

    Love you Rachel

  20. iaawmash 43 says:

    your beautifulllll

  21. Kaysha Kenney says:

    Love your style!

  22. Matilde RTP says:

    Hey Rachel

  23. Sandy Vilce says:

    love your hat in the beginning of the video

  24. Mona Osman says:

    I love you

  25. nuggetsquaredd says:


  26. Casper Lynn says:

    homecoming is coming!!!!!!!
    trends for 2013

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