Womens bow tie blouse ? A fancy clothing item

Womens bow tie blouse ? A fancy clothing item

When it comes to a womens bow tie blouse, first of all you must ensure that the material of the blouse is appropriate since a cloth can make them look bad on the contrary to what you want to achieve. Combine the womens bow tie blouse with a skirt or pants tailor. The combination will be excellent and well as the skirt or pants are made ​​for you will highlight your curves. If you want a look not so formal, combined bow blouse with jeans or pants at the waist and a long two-button blazer.

You can select womens bow tie blouse in solid colors, polka dots or small patterns small. Stay away from oversized prints and the ribbon is striking enough. If you love the womens bow tie blouse, we tell you that is the rage of the season, especially buttoned to the neck. But beware that if you cannot “use them” correctly, can be a fashion disaster. So today we give you some tips for you to take this garment style. Beware of your body, even more important is to recognize your body type, if you have short necks should avoid this type of blouses, and especially of plaid pattern, and you’ll look flat. Moreover, womens bow tie blouse are fascinating so dare to wear accessories, bows or ribbons as your neck is covered, you’ll be fine if you take the hair, leaving your face clear.

When going for long womens bow tie blouse, combine them with skinny pants. This will give a modern look but you have a blouse informal. If you select a semi adjustable womens bow tie blouse of balloon-type sleeves that end in the elbow, will be lovely with a vest or sleeveless jacket. It is a current mix and feminine.

With womens bow tie blouse, “As the neck is covered and the last button is right in the middle of the neck, the hair looks much made.” The body:  The top ones are for “someone with short necks should avoid button-down shirt, especially stamping plaid.” In addition, if the shirt is long, you can combine them with cigarette pants and take it outside. The best aspect about this blouses is that they give a stylish but informal. Most are beautiful with a vest or sleeveless jacket! The uses are great, ranging from everyday casual to a more specific use, elegant and sophisticated.

Buy womens bow tie blouse, which revolve around the colors white, black and gray and incorporate colors from these according to season, always trying to generate a kind of harmony with the proposed style.


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