Women’s Fashion Tips : How to Wear a Short Skirt

Women's Fashion Tips : How to Wear a Short Skirt

A woman should be able to bend over and sit properly when wearing a short skirt so it doesn’t rip or expose too much. Select the right skirt with tips from a…
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  1. Tammila Goodwin says:

    Well I can say that women of all ages can shop at Forevrr 21. I am a very
    small person and in great shape. I can wear many of the dresses from
    Forever 21 and put one of there jackets over it. In addition there sweaters
    and coats can be worn by all ages. This is bias info and not well rounded.
    Good luck and peace. 

  2. Juan Carlos Matienzo says:

    Too bad a guy like me can’t sit with knees together very well. So if I wear
    a short skirt I might sit like a man from the past.

  3. derf enator says:

    needs to be shorter but she gave me an erection so she wears it well

  4. jf Milone says:

    barely covering the butt sounds great!

  5. JohnnyBoyCali says:

    @bucky468 I think you just have pale, veiny legs and you’re trying to hide
    them. Hose is obvioulsy trying to hide something so you might as well just
    weir pants.

  6. kilts4u2 says:

    This girl could bore a cup of coffee. Zzzzzzzz. . . .

  7. kitty3309 says:

    She`s a fashion guru?! She looks a mess and has no colour coordination.

  8. superskidmarks says:

    @nicolezammit1997 I agree with that to a certain extent. Anorexic women
    wearing short skirts don’t look right, there’s no shape to their body.
    Women who are a little chubby, and wear skirts, I haven’t got a problem
    with. I’m talking more about the morbidly obese women, with folds of
    stomach fat poking out, and giant, giant thighs wearing short skirts that
    only just cover their backsides, with their bum cheeks poking out their
    thongs. It’s deeply unattractive and does happen where I am.

  9. superskidmarks says:

    Fat people should be banned from wearing short skirts. Their flabby,
    cellulite laden ass-cheeks hanging out is just sickening. This video is
    patronising. Next up: How to put on a Pair of Socks!

  10. Zanny Pants says:

    There’s some hot 40 year old women out there, we’ll see what she says when
    she’s 40!

  11. streetv3freak says:


  12. torontothegood says:

    MILFs in micro skirts .. FTW!!! ..and i’m being honest!

  13. sweetblackstarx says:

    your hair is so pretty ! : ) omg I wish I had red hair!

  14. Nancy John says:

    Nice and cool post about Women’s wear mostly all woman like it.

  15. Wasiq Mohammad says:

    weres the navy dress everywere

  16. LaLaLaLaLampPost says:

    I seriously doubt that you should be giving fashion tips to anyone hun.

  17. X. Vanilla says:

    How about this tip. Wear hosery. Bare legs are boring all the time!

  18. 68chargerlover says:

    The main rule should always be a real short skirt and no panties, ALWAYS !

  19. bucky468 says:

    @JohnnyBoyCali Go drink a pitcher of piss & while you’re at it go die in a
    hole or something of that nature!

  20. leadsolo says:

    This only for Ugly Fat women and the CREEPS who love em anyway – As for
    beautiful women … U know who U are 🙂

  21. soccersweetheart2010 says:

    @richassuzy shes not telling yall 40year old ladys tht yall cant wear a
    short skirt did u listen to the video

  22. zendaddy621 says:

    I’ve seen women pushing 50 who still look hot in miniskirts, and I’ve seen
    overweight and anorexic teenage girls who have no business in miniskirts,
    but they wear them anyway. Age alone is not a factor on whether or not you
    can pull it off…

  23. chesteriggy says:

    I can see why Rachel does NOT have a legitimate fashion column. It’s
    obvious she has no idea what she is talking about. Any moron can have a
    video blog.

  24. Hostie17 says:

    haha, thanks im sure there were lots of people struggling to wear a skirt
    before they watched this vid, they were proberly hundreds of girls trying
    to wear it on there head. so thanks for the clarification ^^

  25. XXX says:


  26. I read this blog its very nice. Sometimes all you need is that signature go-to style.

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